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Residency by Investment

Residence by Investment (RBI) programs offer you the opportunity to obtain residency rights in a foreign country by making a significant financial investment in that country’s economy.

The programs are an attractive option for those seeking to live, work, or study abroad, as well as for individuals looking for greater travel freedom, business opportunities, or a backup residency option.

Unlike Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs, RBI programs grant temporary or permanent residency rather than citizenship, although in some cases, residency can lead to citizenship after meeting certain requirements.

Key Features of Residence by Investment Programs

  • Flexibility and Mobility: RBI programs can significantly enhance an individual’s ability to travel, especially if the residency is in a Schengen Area country, allowing for visa-free movement across numerous European countries.
  • Access to Education and Healthcare: Residents often gain access to the host country’s education and healthcare systems, which can be a significant advantage for families.
  • Business Opportunities: Gaining residency in a country with a strong economy or strategic location can provide investors with access to new markets, an improved business climate, and investment opportunities.
  • Tax Planning: Some individuals use RBI programs for tax planning purposes, especially if the host country offers favorable tax treatment for foreign residents.

Residence by Investment Programs

Residence by Investment Programs

When you exploring Residence by Investment options, it’s important to consider the total cost of investment, including any additional fees and taxes; the requirements for maintaining residency status; and the legal implications of residency, such as taxation on worldwide income.

Some programs may require physical presence in the country for a certain number of days per year or for the investor to demonstrate ties to the country.

It’s also crucial to conduct due diligence to ensure the investment is secure and complies with the laws of the host country. Consulting with legal and financial experts specializing in international immigration and tax law is advisable to navigate the complexities.